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"A most special and unusual book that is the stuff of miracles. The gift it offers to all is incomparable! All children and adults should read this one! I cried from the first page on!"
Anne Butz, owner, Illuminations Bookstore
"My second daughter, Susie, died just three weeks before her first birthday. For 25 years I couldn't make sense of it. When I read The Angel with the Golden Glow, I felt comforted. I felt assured that there really is a master plan... that Susie was okay and happy... and that we'll all be together again."
Cindy Ventola

"The Angel with the Golden Glow is exquisite. It left me filled with a sense of peace and beauty. This angel's smile is so bright and his eyes so full. He fills us with his gentle grace. His gift of life is eternal."
Barbara Blundell, Barrett Communications, Inc.

"A story about the wonderful gift of love as demonstrated by a little boy and his great capacity to give love and receive love. It is truly magical. Beautiful illustrations bring this incredible story to life. It is a perfect match of artistry and the divine word."
Laurie Brustlin, Elementary school teacher
"How beautiful! There were tears in my eyes... I thought of all the children in Herman Hospital when my grandson was there years ago. The story reaches the reader physically, mentally and spiritually. It needs to be shared with people of all ages everywhere."
Roberta B. Ledgerwood, Retired art teacher

Backgrounds on the author, Elissa Al-Chokhachy, and the illustrator, Ulrike Graf.

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